Cristina R. Aseron, MD

Internal Medicine located in Mansfield, TX

About Dr. Aseron

Dr. Cristina R. Aseron, practices Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. She has an independent practice in Mansfield Texas. Over the years Dr. Aseron has gained special interest in anti-aging and skin care. Within the last two years she collaborated with her colleagues in medical field and formed a company named PerfectSK Medical Laser Center.

About a year ago she started attending various conferences and took courses in skin care and rejuvenation utilizing chemicals and laser therapy. She started her certification courses in chemical skin care, botox technique and fillers along with the use of laser therapy with American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She joined her friends to go to Vancouver, Canada to observe the state-of-the art office practices in skin care using chemical and skin laser. She attended various lectures in skin care in Texas, participated in aesthetic exchange conferences, workshops and webinars.

She has learned several state-of-the art techniques in skin care, improving signs of aging, getting rid of unsightly spider veins, minimize unwanted body hair, and improve the stigma of scar formation using medical laser innovation. Her passion as a physician is to continue providing her patients with the best possible medical care. She is happily married to John D. Steed, a wonderful and caring husband. Dr. Aseron’s belief is that no matter how hard life becomes, however long the struggle is endured, however slow success is achieved, the end result is sweet when fought with decency, righteousness and fairness.